The time is up! After twelve years of preparations, we are finally going to build a new gompa. Modern, soundproof and with a stunning view.

What comes with the new gompa

Peace for meditation in a seperate building

View to the landscape and a lot of light

Sufficient space in a room 85 m² large

When will be gompa construction finalized?


What is going on at the construction spot?

Na Gompě se dolaďují poslední detaily a připravujeme se na přestavbu původního domu.

The current view from the construction spot

How much money we miss

3 – 4 mil. CZK
6 mil. CZK
Construction of gompa and sanitary facilities
1 mil. CZK
Refunding the loan to BDW Endowment Fund
2 -3 mil. CZK
Enlarging and reconstruction of the old house
What we need to collect 2-3 mil. CZK for
  • Enlarging the kitchen and the common room
  • Enlarging the corridor and storring premises
  • Reconstruction of the attic to residential area

We have managed to gain the money for the gompa construction! Nevertheless, in order to finalize the reconstruction of the center, we still miss some money… We, however, believe that we will manage to gradually get the financial resources needed and once we finish construction of gompa, we will get into the reconstruction and the extension of the current house.

How to contribute


Payment details:
Send your contributions to our DWB foundation account number: 35-7227740267/0100
or by using IBAN CZ69 0100 0000 3572 2774 0267
Payment reference no.: YYMMDD0106 (date of your birth + 0106)
Comment: surname/GIFT/TROJAK

Account owner:
BDW Endowment Fund
Na Maninach 1288/17a
170 00 Praha 7

QR code of the payment (do not forget to add payment reference number and add your name to the note for the recipient)

Thanks for your generosity!

How it will look like

With the new gompa, Trojak will become a presentable place for meditation. Yet, it will maintain its slightly wild and yogic character. We really have something to look forward to.

Do you admire project blueprints? You can find the floor plans and sections here.

More sleeping space

Fights for sleeping mats after lectures will come to an end. And gompa will no longer look like Ibiza beach in full season.

New bathrooms and toilets

A free shower will no longer be a celebration of good karmic conditions and queuing for a toilet will become obsolete for good.

Comfortable and safe heating

It will be possible to spend some time at Trojak during the winter time without a need to lift a single wood log. No more challenging thrills with the heating system.

Room for luggage

Say goodbye to backpack barricades. Your t-shirt will not end up in a luggage of someone from the other corner of the country any more.